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SaaS AML-Compliance for Casinos & Gaming

Simple – Easy - Inexpensive

EU and UK regulations requires AML Compliance

The international law, EU, US, UK require AML Name Screening of all Gaming and Casino industry customers. Customers from all around the world, using different languages, Names and aliases are the reason for the False Positives and operational cost. Further, there is a must need to identify the Gamblers and connect them to their multiple accounts, supporting issues around Responsible Gambling and AML. Fincom offers solutions for AML Name Screening, Transactions, Entity-Resolution and Self-Exclusion. Fincom.co has a unique ability to Screen Names from multiple Databases in different Spelling variations, aliases (AKA’s) and transliterations, across 40 different languages – EU languages, Cyrillic, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

Fincom.co helps you to:

  • Go on with your business without interruption,
  • whilst being able to meet AML Compliance regulation requirements

It’s all about Names!

We tend to write NAMES the way we hear them

Casino & Online Gaming serve people from all around the world

Fincom covers Transliterations from:
English, EU Lang. , Russian, Arabic, Chinese and more..

Tailored for Casinos & Online Gaming

  • Inexpensive & Intuitive, Cloud base, SaaS
  • Sanction lists – OFAC, EU, UN, UK, SWISS

Fincom also assures no Ethnic discrimination!
There are 56 versions of the most common name: Mohammad

SELF-EXCLUSION for Casinos & Gaming

Gamblers can self-exclude themselves from casinos, gambling parlours and bingo halls all licensed with the Gaming Authorities.
Self-exclusion periods vary from 6 months, 1 year and an indefinite period.
According to the New Gaming Act, if a gambler wants to self-exclude, and the casino or gaming company are eligible to enforce it or otherwise is liable for consequences.

Why Fincom.co Technology?

Gamblers has multiple accounts, and they tend to play around with their NAME.
Fincom.co is able to Screen Names from multiple Databases, with entries in different Spelling variations, aliases (AKA’s) and across multiple languages.
Fincom.co is a comprehensive screening solution for International Online Gaming platforms and Casino houses.

  • Check registered players against registration lists
    – while Onboarding and Ongoing, every night.
  • Issue Alerts on Self-Excluded players
  • Verify status-change for registered players


Single-customer-view, Gathering Entity Intelligence

ER – Entity Resolution

The ability to identify more than one observations that refers to the same entity, be it a person, a company or other, and being able to recognize the entity is search despite different data-structure or UI appearance. And conversely, being able to recognize when it is not the same Entity, even though it might appear to be with similar data content.

EI – Entity Intelligence

The ability to gather a 360 view of an Entity, within our databases and across other data-sources that are available to us, in a way that support the creation of Unified-view, and data-enrichment of the Entity in search (“the Golden Data Record”), in a way that enable us to take optimal decision taking, provide service offering, and enhanced communications with the Entity.


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