Data mapping, Deduping, Data enrichment - Unified data reports; Single-customer-view, Gathering Entity Intelligence

ER - Entity Resolution

The ability to identify more than one observations that refers to the same entity, be it a person, a company or other, and being able to recognize the entity is search despite different data-structure or UI appearance. And conversely, being able to recognize when it is not the same Entity, even though it might appear to be with similar data content.

EI - Entity Intelligence

The ability to gather a 360 view of an Entity, within our databases and across other data-sources that are available to us, in a way that support the creation of Unified-view, and data-enrichment of the Entity in search (“the Golden Data Record”), in a way that enable us to take optimal decision taking, provide service offering, and enhanced communications with the Entity.

Entity Resolution Use-Cases

When performing Entity Resolution, our target is to identify all the data entries that are linked or referred to an Entity across multiple data sources as well as within the same database.  The main requirements are:

  1. Data cleansing and reducing duplications (deduping).
  2. Data mapping & Unification to build a 360 View and Intelligence on the Entity in search, whether it is a person, an organization or other. This process of Data Enrichment, will create the golden record or unified profile of the Entity in search, and a better view of the Entity’s related information across our entire business.

Customer View

Confidently identify your customers across omnichannel user experiences by creating unified customer profiles.


Ensure regulatory compliance with identity resolution software for GDPR compliance and accurate matching against watchlists (OFAC, AML, KYC, etc.).


Uncover deep, hidden connections in your data and detect fraudulent entities. For instance, multiple claims from the same address.

Beneficiary View

Create unified reports on all accounts related to the same beneficiary, be it saving, investing, family and business accounts, matching TIN and beneficiary accounts.

Patient Data

Match patient’s data across different data sources, birth certificate registries, clinical data history, different clinics and healthcare systems; allowing better and safer treatment whilst not compromising privacy.


Examples of Entity Resolution cases

  • Same Address – the same Entity or different Entities on the same address?
  • An international company operating with offshore subsidiaries, each with a different data systems. Can we get a 360 view on our Stake-holders?
  • A new company was acquired and merged – how do we deal with the different data-systems and data structures?
  • There’s a new medical regulation requiring that each Clinic must be updated with Patient’s historical data from different health care systems, hospitals and clinics, whilst not compromising privacy. Can we do that?
  • Customer Clubs – Same person is registered 4 times to the same Loyalty-Club
  • Promotions – You receive triple promotions from the same organization, as if you were three different persons. It is annoying and you don’t feel that they really relate to you as individual.
  • Your name is similar to a name listed in a Sanction watchlist; your account is blocked for unjustified reason.
  • A known fraud entity was able to find its way-in, using slight variations in the spelling of their Name, Address or other data fields. The system missed it.
  • The Patient’s Doctor was not informed on past risks, because the clinic has migrated the database and some record structure were changed.

Enhanced Entity Intelligence (EI)

As the world’s data is ever growing faster and faster, and whilst organizations are investing many efforts in the maintenance of the data integrity, at the end of the day our uttermost importance is on our ability TO SEE through this Ocean of Data, being able to make sense of it fast, concisely and accurately.

We want to make sure we serve well our stake-holder and most of all our customers.

This has become more and more challenging as we need to glide through different data sources, cooperation’s, exchange between different data systems and organization’s subsidiaries. And whilst we do all that  – we need to maintain a Unified View on our customers or on any other Entity of interest.

ENHANCED ENTITY INTELLIGENCE – helps us in achieving:

  • Effectiveness – be sure to identify the right Entity, and identify it as 1 Entity, with no duplications
  • Critical KPI’s – making sure you see what you need to see, being able to measure critical changes, follow up and understand the system’s performance, and getting the right feedbacks
  • Optimize our activities –  deduping entries, eliminate unnecessary duplication in operational activity
  • Efficiency –  matching the relevant information, cleansing unrelated information
  • Personalize offering and communications – single customer view allows to optimize offering, customer service and experience.

The importance of CROSS - LANGAUGE Ability

Fincom.co ENTITY RESOLUTION run across 40 different languages.

The “Phonetic Fingerprint” identifies Names, Addresses, Emails, etc. across different languages with great accuracy, assuring no mishits whilst reducing false positives to the minimum.

Utilizing Distance Algorithms in-language and in-between languages, the Fincom.co technology can handle different transliterations, misspelling, and other spelling variations.

International companies as well as regulatory and governmental authorities are required to trace and unify information from different sources in different language origins.

For example:

Pan-European organizations must be able and handle all European languages.

An organization in the UK that has offshore offices in the UAE must be able to handle Arabic alongside English.

An American company that has subsidiary in Asia, must be able to handle Chinese or Japanese or other pictogram-based languages.

It is not very rare to find international companies that need to handle languages that are based on Latin, Cyrillic, Pictogram-based lang and Arabic, whereas the last can have over 14 different common dialects that will result in very different transliterations that are lost in legacy methodologies or rule-based methodologies.



Advanced Automatic Technology for Mapping, Unifying and Navigating across Multiple & Multi-dimensional Databases

Fincom.co developed a robust sophisticated proprietary technology platform that enables to combine databases and match their entries, using over 48 algorithms even cross language(s) and/or having transliterations spelling mistakes.

FinCom’s “Phonetic Fingerprint” patented technology, create a new way for matching effectively and efficiently different data entries, and thus support a variety of advanced applications for Entity Resolution, Entity Intelligence, Data Mapping and Data unification, for a wide scope of use case and applications:

  • Fraud prevention
  • Patient’s medical data
  • Customer Service, CRM systems
  • Single beneficiary view


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