E-Commerce & Payment Providers

Smooth Online Journey with Robust AML Compliance

Ensure uninterrupted flow of customer/seller onboarding and transactions

Fincom’s AML for E-Commerce

Fincom’s offers the e-commerce business and enterprises with the most accurate and cost-effective AML sanction screening solutions on the market, tailored to meet the specific needs of online payment platforms. The AML Suite for E-commerce fits the dynamic nature of online payments, ensuring that both sellers and buyers are legitimate parties to the transactions processed through the platform.

Fincom’s AML Sanctions Screening solutions are proven to enhance AML compliance and reduce operational costs by over 90%.

Frictionless buyers and sellers
Full Compliance with No Delays

Recognized for its revolutionizing impact on the future of AML Compliance.

Fincom’s latest awards:

RegTech Insight Awards 2022 Europe
RegTech 100 Company

AML screening is required by local and international regulators, financial authorities, and law enforcement agencies.
Sanction lists, watch lists and PEP lists are being constantly updated. To comply with AML regulations businesses must monitor these changes on a regular real-time basis.

AML Suite for E-Commerce

Global Coverage

Different Languages:
Screening customers and suppliers names in 44 languages in original Alphabets, also resolving spelling variations and differences in transliterations.

Different Regions and Jurisdictions:
Screening names (individual and entities) against any sanction or PEP lists, adhering to regulations in any region or jurisdiction.

Strict Adherence to Regulations

Clear audit trail for internal or external audit. All processes are logged and time stamped, a variety of reports are available for review and download. The system is fully transparent, traceable, and explainable, as required by regulations.


Simple integration with all e-commerce and payment processing platforms. Intuitive Case Management System. Advanced dashboard reporting.

Smooth buying/selling experience

Real-time screening that does not interrupt the buying/selling flow. No friction or delays. Enhanced customer retention, trouble-free suppliers and customers’ onboarding.

Minimized Losses

Accurate screening against internal watchlists minimizes the risk of losses due to regular order cancellations, false identity, unreasonable product returns, and other fraudulent activities.

Operational Efficiency

Automating as many processes as possible
STP – 95%
Reduced workloads and operational burden.

Intuitive Case Management

User-friendly Interface, supports multiple teams with a built-in permissions hierarchy.


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