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With its track record of success in AML sanction screening, Fincom’s solution delivers >93% STP rate, reduces operational burden, and fully meets the stringent requirements of the current regulatory regime.

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AML Screening Fincom Platform

Fincom brings innovation to Banking Technologies, delivering cutting-edge solutions for AML Sanctions Screening and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of AML compliance. It offers an all-in-one AML Suite, supporting all banking verticals, such as payments (Wire, Fed-Now, ACH, etc.), KYC Onboarding and Ongoing (pKYC), and improving the compliance regime of FIs, while reducing sanctions screening operational costs and false positives by >90%.

Fincom’s solutions are adopted and proven efficient by dozens of US banks, including Federal and Tier 1 National and global banks, FIs in the EU and UK, international regulators, and leading technological companies, and have gained their trust due to exceptional performance, unprecedented accuracy, fast, smooth deployment, and great service.

Fincom’s reselling partners include leading Payment Service Providers, FinTechs, and Global IT integrators.

Fincom’s AML solution is based on core technology for Entity Resolution. Enabling to process multilingual databases for accurate searching, matching and mapping of all the databases of any format or technology. Fincom’s patented phonetic fingerprint technology enables matching names even when misspelled, in different formats (unstructured), multiple languages/alphabets (44 – including Arabic, Russian, EU languages, Chinese, Korean, etc.) and with transliteration mistakes 

The proprietary core technology uses 48 algorithms from computational linguistics, advanced mathematics, and phonetics, achieving unprecedented results. The technological breakthrough enables best-of-class Sanctions Screening, Entity Resolution, and Database mapping.

What our clients say about us

Supported and trusted by recognized investors and governmental organizations

ffvc investor
innovation authority israel

Established successful partnerships and actively collaborates with industry leaders:


Global strategic partner and reseller. 

Fincom’s AML solution integrated in all Finastra’s payment platforms, including: PayPlus, GFX, RapidWire, P2G, GPP

Global fulfillment and reseller partner.

Reseller for Tier 1 – Tier 2 Financial Institutions.

Honored for Leading Innovation and Solving Financial Industry’s Pressing Challenges:

FinCrimeTech50 Company 2024

Recognized by F6S | 2024

Fintech RegTech100 company 2024

RegTech100 Company 2024

Banking Tech Awards USA 2023

Banking Tech Awards USA2023

RegTech Insight Awards 2022 Europe

RegTech Insight Awards 2022 Europe

Security Certificates

Fincom ISO27001 certificate

ISO 27001 Certified

Fincom SOC2 Certified

SOC 2 Certified

Supported by leading advisors:

Jeff Denham

Member of the Advisory Board, partner at Dentons, former member of US Congress

James Walker

Chairman of the Advisory Board, Former Head of JP Morgan Wealth management

Our Story

Fincom is the result of over fifteen years of effort by a dedicated team of highly talented scientists and industry experts to develop the first automated technology for accurately screening of multilingual entities. It initially started as a “contact list unification” – the process of unification of unstructured data – applied in the mobile industry.

In 2016, Gideon Drori and Dr. Oleg Golobrodsky, the founders of Fincom, decided to apply their hard-earned knowledge to the field of anti-money laundering (AML). One of the first significant problems solved by Fincom was finding a common cross-language denominator for unifying database entries. The need for this approach arises from the fact that different languages, with their various spelling formats, scripts, and resulting transliterations, as well as typical spelling mistakes and variations, compromise the integrity of the database. The industry has been plagued by unstructured databases due to different database formats. To date, no other technology has been able to process these unstructured databases and achieve database entry unification.

Fincom has successfully overcome this problem through a linguistic and semantic approach to and the incorporation of phonology and its focus on the interpretation of sound in language. The approach taken by Fincom is based on the notation of speech sounds, addressing known challenges in auditory phonetics and descriptive linguistics. This is necessary because existing language notations are not universally adopted across dictionaries in languages other than English.

Fincom further advanced this with its groundbreaking patented technology – the ‘Phonetic Fingerprint.’ This technology employs a robust algorithmic approach to compare written text in multiple languages by converting names into mathematical sequences based on the phoneme rather than the spelling. As a result, the Phonetic Fingerprint technology is capable of accurately matching entries across databases.

Fincom has enriched this core technology with additional tools and mathematical, linguistic, and other algorithms, to develop the most effective and efficient AML screening solution.

Over the years, Fincom’s solution has gained recognition and proven itself to be the most accurate and cost-effective tool for AML screening. It is widely utilized by banks, financial institutions, and other companies subject to AML regulations.

The Founders

Oleg Golobrodsky Fincom

Dr. Oleg Golobrodsky

Founder, visionary and researcher, with a solid business and scientific background. Member of the European AI Alliance, New York Academy of Sciences, Israeli Chamber of Information Systems Analysts, former non-fellow professor and scientific supervisor at the Dept. of Computer Sciences at Bar-Ilan University. Extensive experience in leadership, management, R&D and deployment in complex markets. Ph.D. in Computer Sciences.

Published author: publications, books, and over 50 international granted patents. 

Gideon Drori Fincom

Gideon Drori

The founder and the visionary behind three successful start-ups: Fincom, Ecotech Recycling, and That Systems. The driving force behind these ventures with a strong belief in “Leading by Example”, raising tens of million in funding and creating a far greater value for his investors.  Over 20 years of strategic consulting both for business and governmental affairs (including political lobbying); successfully establishing and leading businesses in areas of breakthrough technologies. As of 2018 CEO of Phonemix ltd. a.k.a Fincom.

Published author: 32 international granted patents.

Board & Management Team

Roy Glasberg
Member of the Board
Managing Partner at AnD (Israel)

Alex Katz
Member of the Board
Managing Partner at ffVC (NYC)

Dr. Oleg Golobrodsky
Founder & Board Member
Chief Strategy Officer

Gideon Drori
Founder & Board Member

Jeff Denham
Advisory Board,
Partner at Dentons, Former Member of US Congress

Yosef Avital
VP Product & B.Dev

Olga Katzenelson


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