Sibos 2023: A Crucial Junction for Collaborative Finance in a Fragmented World

The finance world converged in Toronto for Sibos 2023, a conference that has been the linchpin for discussions, debates, and decisions affecting global finance. The theme this year, ‘Collaborative Finance in a Fragmented World,’ couldn’t have been more timely. With a financial landscape mired in uncertainty—be it economic, geopolitical, or technological—Sibos provided a platform for challenging old paradigms and imagining new ones.

The Power of Collaboration

Today financial institutions and Fintechs find themselves at a crossroads. On the one hand, we face unprecedented challenges – economic instability, geopolitical tensions, ever-evolving financial crime landscape. On the other, technological advancements present enormous opportunities for growth and innovation. The consensus at Sibos? Neither can be effectively tackled in isolation. Collaboration and community are not just buzzwords but an imperative.

Fincom - the Community Pioneer

During the conference a plethora of financial thought leaders shared insights on pressing matters that demand collective attention. Topics like ESG standardization, cross-border payments, AML compliance, and many others were debated.

We at Fincom are proud to have been recognized for our innovative contributions. Our co-founders, Gideon Drori and Dr. Oleg Golobrodsky were active participants in the dialogues that took place at the conference. Even more excitingly, Fincom emerged as the winner of this year’s Sibos’ Perfect Pitch competition. Gideon Drori had the honor of delivering the winning pitch that encapsulated Fincom’s vision for and practical steps towards a collaborative financial industry as a Community Pioneer. 

The financial world is at a crucial juncture, and the discussions at Sibos have set the stage for collaborative efforts that will shape the future. So let’s take the learnings from Toronto and turn them into actionable insights, because the path forward is together.

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