Wanted: a 24-language speaking AML investigator – High Paying!

You would think I would have a flood of CV’s coming at me, I wrote “High Paying” and honestly, I don’t mind if they would work from home with flexible hours, what else could any employee ask for. Not one CV, can you imagine that in the past 6 weeks I have not received even a maybe interested note, couldn’t believe. As I was sitting frustrated, my better half wanting to show support asked me “what’s up?” and I answered telling the above story.

In her wonderful motherly manner, she smiled at me, calming me and placing her hand on my head to softly pat, and suddenly she slapped me! “Are you serios” she stopped looking at me “24 languages why don’t I ask also for a Ph.D. in quantum physics? How the hell knows 24 languages !!! and I thought something is wrong, and all the while you are just playing dumb”. But honey…. yet she is right, the fact that criminals use multiple languages is a sure why to getting around safeguards, because really no one person knows 24 languages.

I know that world trade and financial transactions are done in mostly 24 languages, and it dawned on me that the only effective way to stop illicit actions such as money laundering is not by having highly skilled staff each knowing 24 languages, but a smaller staff even more skilled with supporting technology that can match entries and names of people/entities between +24 languages in an automated manner. This technology must be accurate, transparent and explainable in its processing, most of all it must be able to match such languages as Chinese, Arabic, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Korean etc.  

So now please support my new search and if you don’t mind posting Wanted: a technology that matches names and DB entry information written 24-language for combating money laundering – willing to Pay a lot!

It has been already 2 weeks, got only one answer of a technology commercially available, please support   

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