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Only 20% of businesses believe they are GDPR compliant.

80% of businesses know nothing or only few details about GDPR.

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Saves compliance costs


Based on a unique technology of “Phonetic Fingerprint”


Uses fuzzy logic and AI machine learning for suggestion engine


Gives real-time results

GDPR - heavy burden on your data processing

MAP your dataELIMINATEduplicationsKNOWexact locationsof your dataTAKEimmediate action EnsureCOMPLIANCESAVEmoney

How it works?

FinCom.Co’s data mapping helps to efficiently within no-time find information on a specific client and match data entries between multiple databases regarding that individual. It becomes a swift and immediate tool to comply with GDPR, i.e. Article 17, by showing the exact position of the data within your databases. FinCom.Co’s solution reduces significantly your costs, less time-consuming, increases efficiency – while insuring a full EU GDPR compliance, with other many advantages. 

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