“Finding a Needle in the Haystack”


Adverse Media is part of KYC / EDD  and is also used as part of a background check or in the case of Due-Diligence (DD ) when there is a need to verify individuals or entities.

The Key Challenges:

  • Identity resolution – screening thru Media articles and being able to isolate and identify a particular Entity, whether a person or a company.
  • Media Coverage “finding a needle in the haystack”, being able to cover most Media articles, making sure you haven’t missed the important ones over the less important or pointless ones.
  • False Positive vs. False Negative – achieving a optimal balance between False Positives and False Negatives, being that they represent an inherent trade-off.
  • Sentiment Analysis – finding out whether Identity examination appears in a negative context within the scanned articles. ADVERSE MEDIA advanced technology enables finding Adverse Media, from within unprecedented scope, whilst being able to identify the relevant entities, sentiments and associated information, over media collected from 350 outlets across 32 languages.


  • ENTITY RESOLUTION ACROSS MULTIPLE LANGUAGES, using Advanced Mathematics to identify an Entity (person or company) combined with Accurate Name Matching – that enables tracing phoneme across different languages, transliterations and spelling variations.
  • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY & EFFECTIVENESS using Enhanced Clustering of Media Articles (that appears X100 in a span of one week), Entity information (using ML/AI), reducing alerts and minimal False positives.
  • SENTIMENT ANALYSIS – using advanced mathematics & NLP to identify the correct context, Adverse and Negative within the article.


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