FinCom.Co is a fully developed deployed, robust sophisticated proprietary technology platform that enables to combine databases and match their entries, even cross languages and transliterations spelling mistakes using “Phonetic Fingerprinting”.
FinCom.Co processes cross language entries, transliteration mistakes & database corruption achieving entry matching and database entry mapping.

FinCom.Co’s technology is based upon AI, fuzzy logic and machine learning, together with a proprietary “Phonetic Fingerprinting” that processes over 25 languages, transliteration and/or spelling mistakes. By using “Phonetic Fingerprinting” and then running the information through FinCom.Co’s AI suggestion engine which uses a sophisticated ontology tree to statistically calculate the matching and linkage probabilities, with least possible false positives to a specific query. FinCom.Co Sanctions Certification will grant the confidence of regulators as all AML/ETF compliance standards were met as defined in international/federal law.

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