FinCom.Co developed a robust sophisticated proprietary technology platform that enables to combine databases and match their entries, using over 36 algorithms even cross language(s) and/or having transliterations spelling mistakes.

FinCom.Co is the world’s first automatic AML/ KYC screening system, for comprehensive compliance by utilizing its proprietary advanced mathematical and computing technologies to meet the regulatory demand of international trade, commerce and financial transactions.

FinCom.Co was established by Gideon (Gidi) Drori and Dr. Oleg Golobrodsky, after working together for the last 15 years, developing ground breaking technologies, they hold over 24 international (EU, US and IL.) granted patents, FinCom.Co is their fourth startup. Gidi and Oleg are together with a new dynamic driven team, aiming to revolutionize all SME’s wanting to comply with all AML and other compliance demands, by introducing state of the art technology to automate these costly processes.

Instantly, Accurate and Efficient are not the moto or creed of FinCom.Co but the feedback received, these words are the goals of each system and solution. FinCom.Co is entering the market with a technology R&D that never stops to develop, FinCom.Co is able to shift and reshape its technology platform according to the different demands.

The Team

Gideon Drori
Oleg Golobrodsky
Mike Hodgson
Senior Advisor Sales EU & UK
Yosef Avital
VP Sales & Marketing

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