An automated technology driven
Self Compliance System,
meeting regulatory demands of AML, Sanction adherence, KYC... beyond spelling mistakes, dialect diversity and intentional deceptions

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About FinCom

FinCom ensures business from small to large to meet the regulatory demands, avoiding the extremely high financial fines & penalties. FinCom is a non intrusive cloud solution , with immediate deployment and user friendly interface for daily use. FinCom is a result of over 7 year effort by AI & Linguistics mathematicians and industry experts, that developed the first automated technology driven methodology for Self Compliance for any company. Tested & harden technology, FinCom enables regulatory conformity at a fraction of the today's cost.

FinCom solution

  • A dedicated Policy, by proprietary technology to ensure complying with regulations for AML, Anti Terrorist Funding & Sanction Compliance

  • FinCom technology enables accurate search of all direct and indirect transaction for the benefit of a sanctioned entities

  • FinCom Completes & Complements your regulatory needs

The problem

    There is a sorry lack of technologies to solve the main difficulties in abiding to the law, such as:

  • Acronyms
  • Multiple names
  • Name variations
  • In-process transactions, accumulating costs, time and efficiency burden
  • PWC 2015 report: “Without the right technology, it will be an impossibility to uphold the defined laws and regulations for self compliance”

Identify from Cross Language Search

  • Quick, real-time search of financial and terrorist list sanctions in all US, EU, UN and other databases before approving transaction or other activity
  • Fully automated identity process securing all regulations are met
  • Confidence grade for high trust and security measures standard

Report for Compliance and Everyday Sanctions Needs

  • Policy manual for strategy and implementation
  • Compliance report for auditors
  • Daily clearance status reports for set-up, decision-making, investigation and more
    FinCom service deliverables:
  • Optimization & automation of information processing, unparalleled efficiency
  • Reducing cost without compromising the integrity of the Compliance policy
  • Automations of the ongoing reporting flow, while keeping the needed agility
  • Worldwide detection and sanction list information multi lingual support
  • Immediate and up to date Compliance report issuing, real-time
  • A tailored Policy to meet all your regulatory demands
  • Insurance for sanctions compliance, fines and liability
  • Reduce levels of fraud, theft and terrorist activity with trusted best practice authority for AML & ATF ethics
  • Eliminate risk of heavy fines both to the company and personal liability for employees and managers
  • Quick, secure way to upgrade policy and comply with sanctions and keep updated with evolving regulations
  • Easy to implement in the organization, not requiring additional manpower and not affecting transaction

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